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Urge the Obamas to Build a Nuclear-Free Future for Our Children NOW

in Anti Atom 10.04.2011 15:25
von Jim Bob • 494 Beiträge



Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous, and expensive – a point made clear by the tragedy unfolding at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. The heavily damaged nuclear reactors are spreading radioactive waste into the environment. Contamination released in Japan will likely travel all over the world.

Nuclear power is the only source of energy that poses the risk of an accident that could contaminate the lands we leave our children for hundreds of thousands of years.

Nuclear reactors in the U.S. are just as vulnerable to natural disasters, mechanical failures, human errors, and loss of critical electric power supplies. More than 108 million Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor in the United States. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of radiation.

With Japan’s nuclear tragedy fresh in our collective conscience, now is the time for President Obama to make the bold and necessary move away from dangerous nuclear energy.

President Obama has stood up for renewable energy. First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made children’s health her signature cause. Let’s urge them, as both leaders and parents, to help ensure a healthier future for kids by advocating for energy from clean, renewable sources.

Our children -- and grandchildren – could look back on our generation as the one that started a real Renaissance in renewable energy that could meet much of the nation's energy needs. Renewable and energy efficient technologies can help restore political and economic stability, create jobs and save money…and the planet.
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RE: Urge the Obamas to Build a Nuclear-Free Future for Our Children NOW

in Anti Atom 10.04.2011 23:03
von acte • 585 Beiträge

Done already!

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