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Obama: No More Subsidies for Nuclear Energy!

in Anti Atom 24.03.2011 15:39
von Jim Bob • 494 Beiträge


The entire region is in fear as multiple nuclear power plants in Japan are malfunctioning and at risk of releasing even more radiation.

Japanese officials and engineers and frantically trying to avoid further radiation leakage with drastic measures like pumping seawater into the reactors. Meanwhile, President Obama's 2012 budget in the U.S. includes $36 million in subsidies for nuclear power.

Even in a place that follows strict earthquake standards for buildings, these nuclear facilities are causing what could be devastating consequences for months or even years to come.

Instead of relying on nuclear energy and maintaining our gluttonous energy consumption, we need to focus on renewable energy sources and retrofit our cities to be more energy efficient.

Tell President Obama not to subsidize nuclear energy. We have safer options.

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